Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

Tema BlackBerry OS 6 (8520/8530/9300 OS5) Offline Installer

Mumpung lagi semangat posting, nih saya bagi lagi tema BlackBerry. Kali ini khususon buat OS5 8520, 8530, dan 9300. Monggo silahkan di cicip.

Theme BlackBerry OS 6 for Curve 8520/9300 OS5 - This is DreamTorch..the best Blackberry OS6 emulator theme for the Blackberry Curve 85xx series.

Theme BlackBerry OS 6 (8520/9300 OS5)

As you may know, the OS6 update is never coming to the 85xx series, so if you want your handset software to look and operate like an OS6 device – I suggest you download this theme for FREE

Theme BlackBerry OS 6 8520/9300 OS5

Download Theme BlackBerry OS 6 (8520/9300 OS5)
Offline Installer

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